Meeting My Future

By Christopher Coyne

Meeting My Future

“A close friend, who shares my passion for personal growth and development, suggested I replace him as a 4-Lenses facilitator for my organization, the I.G. Brown Air National Guard (ANG) Training and Education Center. Considering my future goals of working with or forming a life-enriching company that offers this type of experience, I enthusiastically accepted. The first step was certification in Salt Lake City.

The certification was excellent. Having the opportunity to collaborate with new friends and experience the 4-Lenses and Temperament Intelligence classes, guided by an incredibly passionate person, left an indelible mark on me. Some time has passed for me since that initial encounter and I’ve found myself incredibly fortunate to be able to offer these lessons to our newest officer candidates, as the Superintendent for the Air National Guard (ANG) Academy of Military Science.

In this particular educational environment, we focus heavily on leadership skills needed to be successful in the military, with the dynamically evolving threats of the 21st century and beyond. An obvious strength of successful leaders is being able to connect with the people they lead and serve with. 4-Lenses Temperament, in no small way, provides a unique perspective on the gifts each bring to the table. I leave each class with a tremendous sense of connection between myself and the student body. Quite often, the dialogue extends beyond the allotted time…many times, beyond graduation day. People are truly moved by the experience. It is transformation at its best…”

— Christopher Coyne

United Way of Central Maryland

Transformational Leadership Training

United Way of Central MarylandFollowing a full organizational assessment, United Way of Central Maryland made the decision to create an in-house dynamic leadership program tailored to growing leaders internally. They partnered with Shipley Communication for a long-term certification process to ensure their capability to both train and coach current and future UWCM leaders. The full intervention incorporated four months of leadership training. Following the training, each participant received four personal coaching sessions where they incorporated self-leading competencies and characteristics. They, in turn, received coaching in implementing these same principles with others. Organizational and behavioral measures were collected throughout the full process. United Way of Central Maryland continues to successfully implement leadership training and coaching throughout the organization. They are also creating positive influence within their national affiliate, United Way of America.

Managing through all Lenses

“I guess one outcome or result of the training for me was transformational. Once I am able to determine someone’s temperament through the four lenses process, I’m able to communicate in a manner that is more effective for both the staff person and for myself. A perfect example being with a current staff member in a recent exchange. Prior to really focusing on what the four lenses temperament assessment meant, I would communicate in my crazy style, in being an Orange, was sometimes lacking in terms of the direction the employee needed. I was communicating in a manner that clearly was not working, as I was not seeing the tasks accomplished that I needed to have accomplished. Once realizing they were a Gold, I was able to give them the structure and directions necessary to see a real change. When I laid out exactly what was needed, with all the appropriate parameters (instead of leaving it up to them to determine)it got done exactly as needed and on time. I attribute this directly to my learning’s through your training. I am still a “crazy orange” but I certainly realize, my style of communicating is not always the right way.”

— Larry Coons

United Way of Central Maryland

Mountain America Credit Union

Leadership Intervention

This 8-month learning intervention was targeted for the credit unions current and future leaders of the company. The objective was to invest in their leaders and create a leadership program that would persevere over time. Measurement objectives focused on both reducing turnover and increasing the effectiveness of the performance evaluation process. The current leadership turnover was very low and they wanted to continue their stellar record. Behavioral measures were focused on leadership competencies. Success would be attained when leaders became efficient at self-leadership, discipline, accountability and effective communication competencies. Each month two groups would attend a 4-Lenses™ workshop tailored to the leadership competency outlined below. In the time between each workshop, each participant were given a personal coach to support them in applying leadership competencies and to complete character assignments that would create self-aware and disciplined leaders. Measures were collected each month and a final aggregate report was given following the eight month learning period. A permanent leadership program has been incorporated in-house as a result.

Mountain America Credit Union

Nick Bloxham

North Ogden Branch Manager | Mountain America Credit Union“My Journey through the 4-Lenses Ti workshops has been very beneficial. I found the lessons offered great tools to help one create life changing principles. I noticed that my own personal success or ability to change for the better did not hinge on the class or curriculum itself; rather it gave the participant the opportunity to create an individualized method to change their own life. The personality and behavior realization training has made a measured difference in the way I see myself, and those whom I interact with. It has empowered me with the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in both myself and peers as it pertains to: communication, group projects, individual goals, personality traits, perspective, emotional and intellectual needs, and a wealth of other topics. I would recommend this training to anyone who has a desire to be a better leader, supervisor, friend, father, mother, sister, brother, worker, co-worker, volunteer or just a better person all around.”

Wayne Riggs

Assistant Manager | Mountain America Credit Union (Metro Branch)“Over the last eight months, I’ve had the opportunity to attend leadership training at Mountain America’s corporate offices. A good portion of my time was spent in 4-lenses workshops and Ti classes. In between each session we participated in character coaching with the trainer, Deb Dowdle. I have to admit that I was fairly skeptical towards the beginning of our training, however, my feelings have taken a complete 180 since that time. I’ve noticed many positive changes in my life, both personal and work related, large and small, that I credit to the knowledge gained and coaching I have received. As I have learned and become more comfortable with who I am and what I am capable of, I have experienced less stressful days, more success as a manager, and a much more joy-filled personal life. It wasn’t very easy, in fact, I went through some pretty big struggles in my personal life, but I can attest that they were worth it. I understand myself and others much better and find it much easier to relate and communicate with people. I’ve learned how and why people react to certain situations and how I can help the outcome of most interactions to be positive and uplifting. If we see the end from the beginning and understand how to get there, our life will be filled with unimaginable success and joy. It might not always be easy, but it will be worth it. This class was about more than just ‘talking about changing our lives for the better’, it offered the tools and knowledge to actually make the change.”