Are you tired of using critical resources on training, only to have the manual left in the bottom desk drawer and the content forgotten in a few weeks?


The number one piece of feedback we receive from leaders regarding previous training programs is that the content was great, but was quickly forgotten, or simply wasn’t implemented after attendees returned to work.  This leads to a very low ROI and frustration by both management and employees. Leaders report that what they really want from their training investment is behavior change that drives results.

But how can you ensure that happens?

Take training to another level with

Shipley Coaching’s Learning Intervention Process

The process combines any training content with 90-days of coaching to help participants identify and focus on achieving behavior change.

Training is a great experience. But, its not enough to create a true learning intervention that inspires behavior change that drives results. Training increases knowledge mastery, but fails to develop skill acquisition, as well as individual application. By combining coaching with any training workshop, organizations will see transformational results in the three critical areas of personal improvement outlined below

The Shipley 90-day Coaching Process

The Shipley 90-day Coaching Process is built to integrate the knowledge gained and goals set during training into the behavior of the attendees.

Utilizing proven coaching tools, our professional and credentialed coaching cadre work one-on-one with attendees to:

  • Facilitate measurable behavior change
  • Focus to improving performance
  • Align newly learned skills to organizational and personal needs

Your employees are empowered to examine their personal motivational traits, address potential challenges, and create new habits based on the training material.

The Shipley 90 Coaching Program is training content agnostic.  Our coaching methodology is adaptable and focused on creating a Learning Intervention (LI).  Through a series of weekly, 30-minute coaching sessions, LI is achieved when the material trained is integrated into attendee performance,  supports team and organizational goals, and drives measurable results.  An LI maximizes the ROI on training and results in genuine behavior change.









Increased Productivity

Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential and doing this unlocks latent sources of productivity and effectiveness. At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty



Positive People

In the face of uncertainty caused by workforce reductions and other factors, expectations remain very high. Restoring self-confidence and self-trust to face the challenges is critical to meet organizational demands.



Return on Investment

The coach-client relationship generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to clear measurable outcomes. Coaching offers a good return in investment for individual clients and offers a significant return on investment for companies.