Shipley coaches are some of the brightest and most talented professionals in the business. Our coaches hold advanced degrees, professional certifications, and have extensive experience working in global corporations. All have many years of experience in various coaching disciplines including leadership, management, personal and spiritual coaching. There is compelling evidence that the right external coach with the right coaching process and tools can have a tremendous impact on individual and organizational performance.

Tony Husted

Tony Husted is a leader in the field of Performance, Business, and Executive Coaching with over 17 years of experience. Tony is a Leadership Engagement Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Mentor, Sales Coach and Coaching Curriculum Designer. Tony has delivered thousands of hours of Coaching and Coach Training to individuals, businesses, and government organizations throughout the US, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, China, and Khazahkstan.  He has 14 years of practice in developing and delivering online interactive trainings that produce results, and thousands of satisfied students.  Tony blends his depth of Coaching knowledge, training experience, instructional design, and adult learning models together to create transformative programs.


  • International Coach Federation MCC (Master Certified Coach)
  • B.A. Organizational Management from Northwest University. 
  • Certified Erickson Professional Coach
  • Certified NLP Coach and Team Coach
  • Leading From Your Strengths Coach 
  • Multiple NLP Practitioner Certifications
  • Multiple NLP Master Practitioner Certifications
  • NLP World Health Certification
  • Standing in Contribution Trainers Training
  • Patterns for Renewing Your Mind Practitioner


Wendy Balman

Wendy supports leaders in navigating the sometimes awkward, challenging and exciting opportunities that surround organizational leadership. Her belief that each individual has a unique contribution to bring that is vital to organizational success is the driving force behind her work. Creating a thriving organizational culture that results in high energy, productivity and high trust relationships is her vision of success.

She uses several assessments as tools to provide greater awareness and touchstones for growth and learning for individuals, teams and throughout an organization. Her favorite starting point is an exploration with her clients on their strengths and where they are brilliant. This provides a positive foundation for addressing what may not be working for them. Wendy has worked for the last 12 months as a Leadership performance coach at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.


  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI) trained and certified
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).
  • SECRET  Security Clearance


Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones is a best selling author, international speaker and executive coach. Dawn was trained and certified by the ICF-credentialed Shipley Coach Training  Program (SC TP) and is currently working to complete her PCC certification.  Dawn’s audiobook “Top 7 Personality Challenges: Successful Secrets for Differing Personality Types” has been very successful and is a powerful tool in her coaching. She has trained people around the world from America to Australia to Africa on how to pinpoint, recognize and resolve people and personality issues. Dawn has the ability to influence and transform all personality types through her highly energetic coaching seminars. Dawn has a SECRET Security Clearance


Gregg Makin

Gregg is a leadership and executive coach with 38 years of organizational experience modeling, guiding, training, and supporting purpose-driven leaders to translate their vision for individual and organizational change into actionable goals. He combines his vast educational knowledge and his love for developing people with the Townsend Institute for Leadership’s “Competency plus Character” growth model to create life-changing environments. 

Gregg’s mission of equipping leaders through highly experiential and engaged learning environments has cultivated sustained character growth and increased professional competencies. This results in transforming people’s lives and their leadership, as well as achieving the desired outcomes within an organization. He loves serving as a leadership coach at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


  • Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Certified Crucial Accountability Trainer 
  • EQ-I 2.0 / EQ 360 Certified
  • Certified Crucial Conversations Trainer
  • Faculty at Concordia University’s Institute of Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • Ph.D. Organizational Leadership, Regent University
  • M.S. Education, Hofstra University
  • B.A. Sociology, Houghton College
  • SECRET Security Clearance


Ellen Hite, PCC

Ellen is a leadership engagement and executive coach who enjoys leading people and organizations into greatness. As a trustworthy thought leader and results-driven visionary, she believes that finding a more effective way within a motivational process allows production and creativity to emerge. She shares her gift of perception coaching through neuroplasticity and storyline change for positional strength.

Her coaching client base has diversely spanned from government and city leaders, non-profit agencies and C-Suite platforms in the last eleven years. Breaking invisible conversational barriers for engagement and trust is part of her targeted coaching expertise. Before serving as a professional coach and management consultant, she impacted the insurance industry for twelve years as a commercial insurance executive and agency owner.


  • B.A. Organizational Leadership from Greenville University
  • Certified Professional Coach by Erickson International, ACSTH
  • Shipley Certified Professional Coach, SCPC
  • International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, PCC Designation
  • Peer Facilitator & Review Coach for World Business & Executive Coach Summit
  • Certified in Executive & Leadership Development from The Academies, Inc.
  • Certified in Brain-based Success Coaching from The Academies, Inc.
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence® from Benchmark Communications
  • Toastmasters Int’l Past Officer and Executive Board
  • Licensed Chaplain with IFOC
  • First Responder Emergency Trainer Certified


Tim Bolger

Tim’s background includes being a small business owner and a retired 30- year veteran of law enforcement. Tim was trained and certified by the ICF-credentialed Shipley Training Program and is currently working to complete his PCC level ICF certification. Tim has been involved in peer counseling and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD’s) for over 25 years. This experience allowed him to work in crisis management techniques, procedures and principles of conflict management, and assist individuals in the grief recovery process.

Tim is also a graduate of the Certified Public Manager Advanced Public Executive Program. Tim has worked with a variety of people in leadership positions in gaining perspective on their own unique journeys and assisted them in improving work and personal relationships.

Tim’s drive is to stretch people farther than they think they are capable by understanding their own temperaments, while operating with high maturity, and changing their own behaviors that positively impact growth potential.  Tim’s belief is connecting people with their own awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) puts the human connection back into all relationships. Tim works in the following areas at Shipley including Right-Thinking, Leadership Engagement and the 90-day Coaching Process. Targeted coaching techniques are utilized to improve a leader’s ability to change their own behaviors that contribute to improving relationships.  Specific examples include increasing communication skills, time management, prioritization of tasks, employee recognitions and controlling emotional responses. Tim also holds a Secret Security Clearance.

Anu Arora

An experienced technology leader, leadership and an ICF-credentialed executive coach, Anu thrives in complex environments that require both technical and interpersonal excellence. She received her Bachelor of Engineering, Aeronautical from Punjab University and her Master of Technology, Aeronautical from the Indian Institute of Technology. Prior to becoming a coach, Anu was a technology leader and held software engineering and aeronautical engineering leadership roles in public sector and high-growth companies. She moved to the US to engineer software products for Microsoft. Among other noteworthy engagements, she managed the quality division of Microsoft Windows responsible for delivering Windows in over 100 languages.  Anu is now a professional coach for the leaders and teams in the to increase their effectiveness, self-awareness, and help them realize their potential. In addition to her coaching practice, she also has a corporate training practice, training future leaders in technical and leadership skills. Anu currently serves as the President of the Washington state ICF chapter. Anu has a SECRET Security Clearance


Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto is a Certified Executive Coach supporting C-Level individuals, ICs, and Managers from different walks of life working to overcome their roadblocks while using their strengths, balancing their personal and professional lives, and being the effective contributors in their companies. His coaching focuses on leadership, business strategy, team building, time management, conflict resolution, delegation, career management, and behavior/cultural transformation.

With 17+ years in the corporate tech world as a CIO and a background in IT, Marketing, Neuropsychology, and Business Administration, Pedro delivers a solution-focused approach to better understand the connections between organizational teams and effectively achieving the greatest possible outcome.


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Executive Coach by Center for Executive Coaching
  • Certified Professional Coach by Erickson International
  • Training in Life Coaching at JRNI
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Marshal Goldsmith Global Leadership Assessment (GLA 360º)
  • DISC Practitioner Certification
  • Speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian


Karen Fenstermacher

Karen has led talent coaching and consulting initiatives serving Fortune 50‐500 companies as well as startups in both Seattle and Los Angeles as an executive coach, as a human resource leader and as a talent solutions consultant. She draws her expertise from both an internal corporate leadership perspective and an external consultant perspective. Karen is recognized for her focus in coaching leadership executive presence and partnering on such topics as strategic growth planning, mission/vision development, personal and team communication, and leader/team congruence; coaching high potential talent and emerging leaders; and providing acquisition/merger talent assessments and consulting including internal mobility, rightsizing and downsizing. Karen’s coaching style is evocative and direct with the intention of inspiring client awareness and agility for action.


  • PCC certified ICF coach
  • Certified Narrative coach.
  • MBA from California State University, Dominquez Hills


Donovan Donnell

Donovan began his coaching career over 15 years ago working with at-risk youth in Los Angeles.His work developing and delivering curriculum that promoted self-development through accountability and group engagement was foundational to successful programs in a number of communities. As a Shipley Certified ICF coach currently pursuing his PCC level certification, Donovan coaches clients on business and personal relationships; uses values and capabilities assessments to enhance work group engagement in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors; initiates cross-functional communication to improve relations throughout chain of command and increase productivity; employs traditional coaching systems to promote accountability and ensure individual and team goal achievement in a professional environment; and assists clients with professional networking and strategic partnership development.


  • Awyken Life Professional Coach Training Certification, 2014
  • Shipley Coaching Certification, 2018


Jean Hamilton

After a successful career in the performing arts, Jean pursued a new direction studying Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She was soon hooked by what these disciplines could accomplish and began using the tools to make profound, positive changes. Jean offers group training and private coaching to clients including CEOs, CFOs, physicians, attorneys, architects, engineers, and financial planners. Jean assists people to speak their truth, knowing when they speak authentically, they are more confident and more persuasive. She is also a certified coach, working with executives to achieve business and life goals.



  • Certified Coach, NLP and Coaching Institute, 2006
  • Master NLP Practitioner, Facticity Trainings, 1993
  • Certified NLP Practitioner, Facticity Trainings, 1992


Micki O’Brien

So many people possess great talents and resources and simply have challenges “translating” those talents and resources into the world of results, data and communication with others. Micki Obrien’s genius is in empowering individuals and teams to do just this. Using effective frameworks and methodologies, including Integral Theory, the Nurtured Heart Approach® and typologies, she provides coaching that empowers people to live in their greatness, to use challenges and mistakes as data, and to build their solutions-focused problem-solving muscles!

 Micki’s graduate work in Environmental Leadership was infused with the Principles Learning Organizations, as outlined by Peter Senge. Systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team learning, paralleled with real life experience in a diversity of situations, has taught Micki to trust the process. Adding Integral Theory, and an understanding of the diversity of human neurology, to this already rich curriculum allows her to access and support the genius and success of an even more diverse pool of individuals.


  • Shipley Certified Coach currently pursuing PCC ICF level certification
  • MA, Naropa University, Environmental Leadership
  • Nurtured Heart Approach, Advanced Certified Trainer


Tyson Hesser

As a Management and Performance Coach Tyson is passionate about partnering with individuals and organizations to tap into their true potential. He is passionate about helping others past challenges and limiting beliefs that get in the way of them not only achieving their personal and professional goals, but that of their Teams and Organizations as well. Empowering Leaders to create a clear vision and gain clarity to be the most inspiring Leaders is one of the most fulfilling aspects of coaching for Tyson.

Throughout his professional career Tyson has worked with other Managers and Teams to design effective ways to guide the organization to better communication, excellent customer service, profitability, and enhance team performance.


  • ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program). The Art and Science of Coaching. Erickson Coaching International.
  • Shipley Certified Coach currently pursuing PCC ICF level certification


Anita L. Gibson-Johnson

Anita is not just a professional but a passionate, compassionate, and driven professional. With more than 20 years of business experience, Anita has an impressive portfolio of experience at entrepreneurial and creative companies building teams and systems that accelerate growth. Moreover, Anita brings a diverse background of product management, sales, marketing and organizational development. This expertise makes her a valuable resource for leaders adapting to rapid market change and wanting to build an attractive and results-driven employee culture.

Anita is recognized for her ability to coach clients through complicated problems and arrive at clear, actionable outcomes. Overall, she identifies deficiencies within the team structure, offers brilliant solutions and ways of improvement to enhance the Company’s culture, promotes a healthy work environment, improves morale, creates synergy, fosters the growth of Customer-oriented service and retains key talent.

Anita’s style is unique, invigorating, and results oriented. Her attention to detail helps clients to ensure that they have an actionable plan with clear deliverables that align with their vision. Her clients highly appreciate her for her patience, training content and style, diplomacy, innovative ideas, industry knowledge, energy, personality, and compassion.


  • Awyken Professional Certified Coach
  • Certifications in Business Management, training, Administration, Customer Service, Quality Management and a Notary Public Commission.


Paul A. Perez, MS, PCC

Paul is a skilled executive and leadership coach, organizational trainer and consultant, and cultural transformation expert with over 25 years’ experience identifying, developing and growing leaders for progressively increasing responsibility and success in management and executive roles across a diverse spectrum of industry verticals. Paul also has over two decades experience in workshop and seminar facilitation and keynote speaking.

Paul’s integrated coaching, consulting and facilitation practice includes C-suite and junior executives in a multibillion-dollar healthcare system, professional services, insurance and financial services, shipping and logistics, manufacturing, tech and telecommunications sectors, nonprofit and military. Paul’s holistic approach is informed by many years of understanding and leveraging the dynamics of mission readiness, advanced training and praxis in Wellness coaching and programming, neuroscience and emotional intelligence and executive sourcing and placement. His primary strength is engendering “resonant leadership” and high-performing teams.


  • B.S. Microbiology, University of Notre Dame
  • M.S. in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Certified Physician Development Coach, Physician Coaching Institute
  • Wellness Coaching and Wellness Programming (Wellcoaches, The Chapman Institute)
  • Adjunct Faculty and Executive Coach, The Center for Creative Leadership
  • Leader Coach & Senior Consultant, Right Management (U.S. subsidiary of The Manpower Group)
  • Executive Coach, Workshop facilitator and executive team member of Excellent Cultures, Inc.


Savannah Rayat

Savannah’s entire career has been centered around cultivating relationships, improving processes, and building financial independence for others. She has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and their executive teams. Her dedication to Lean/Agile principles and passion for self-improvement is evident in her many certifications and the extent of her training activity and ongoing involvement in the Agile, Scrum, and Coaching community. Savannah is a published author and holds more than a dozen industry certifications encompassing coaching, training, and facilitation.

As a member of several reputable coaching organizations like the International Coaching Federation, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, and Business Agility Institute she brings professional compliance and training to her Transformation Coaching Practice. Having coached and counseled thousands of executives and individuals at an array of companies, Savannah believes this extensive experience adds a valuable dimension to her coaching. Undoubtedly she references her own transformation both personal and professional. She has demonstrated a unique ability to achieve financial independence by implementing an agile mindset. Most of all she has compassion and offers support to her clients as they build and develop personal goals, business, careers, and lives.

If Savannah is not coaching or training at a client location, she can be found speaking at a conference or volunteering her time at one of the Agile or Scrum conferences throughout the year. Savannah calls Ohio home, though she grew up in Connecticut. She is passionate about the stock market, also enjoys spending time with her family.


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) | Scrum Alliance
  • Certified Team Coach (CTC) | Scrum Alliance
  • Co-Active Trained Leadership Coach (CTI) | Co-Active Training Institute
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) | CRR Global
  • iCAgile Agile Coach Certification (ICP-ACC) | ICAgile
  • Results Trained Coach (RTC) | Neuroleadership Institute
  • Brain-Based Certified Coach BBCC | Neuroleadership Institute
  • Small Business Coach | Systems Business Coach


  • Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) | Scrum Alliance
  • iCAgile Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT) | ICAgile
  • SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) | Scaled Agile
  • Certified Business Agility Coach (CBAC) | Enterprise Scrum
  • Certified Software Scaling Coach (CSSC) | Enterprise Scrum
  • Certified Leadership Coach | Shipley Coaching