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Engage in a 90-day behavior change process to create deeper connections with people and learn a proven process for becoming your best self.

Low Maturity: The Source of the Problem

Let’s face it. The world we live in is chaotic, busy, and full of people with self-centered motives. We all have a never-ending to-do list with tasks to complete and goals to achieve. Goals are important. But how often do we sabatoge our own self worth because we know our shortcomings all too well? Consider when stress rises. We often become efficient with people and struggle to truly understand different points of view. People in our personal and professional circles just don’t see things the same way we do. So, what is the problem? Low maturity can limit our happiness and success.

How Does Low Maturity Impact Organizations?

Low maturity can significantly impact the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and ultimately, organizations. Leaders can easily identify symptoms of dysfunctional behaviors, like employee disengagement, low productivity, political agendas, erosion of trust, and poor execution. However, without treating maturity as the source of the problem, organizational challenges will never be fully resolved–even with great training.

Training Alone Doesn’t Work.

Training is a great experience. But, its not enough to create a true learning intervention that inspires behavior change. Training increases knowledge mastery, but fails to develop skill acquisition, and individual application.

Right Thinking™ is unlike any training experience. The 90-day virtual coaching process is designed to help individuals set goals, improve personal accountability, and apply principles from the workshop through weekly virtual coaching sessions.

Increase Self Awareness With the Four Lenses™

Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality traits that impact the way he or she communicates. During the Right-Thinking™ workshop, participants are introduced to The Four Lenses™. This personality assessment helps everyone identify and understand their own temperament. Groups then learn how to communicate with each other through a process of self reflection and social awareness. Rather than judge others for flawed behaviors, participants learn how to value diversity and appreciate unique perspectives. Not only do participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves, they gain greater social awareness of others.

Believe, Behave, and Become Your Best Self

Personal change is difficult, but it is possible. It is a life-long pursuit. In high-maturity mode, we see human nature for what it is—and we persevere, despite our challenging circumstances. However, before we can change behavior it is critical that we start by analyzing our core beliefs that govern our actions and the results we achieve. Right-Thinking™ can dramatically influence personal change and improve organizational effectiveness.