Shipley Coaching is excited to announce that the addition of a new Learning Intervention course to its collection of Four Lenses applications called Leadership Engagement.

“I have always known that the work we started with the Four Lenses material was simply a beginning,” stated Shipley’s CEO David Graff. “This new course, and the many we will develop in the future, utilizes the framework, language, and processes developed in 4 Lenses and explore deeper applications of these principles in both self-awareness and self-management.  In Leadership Engagement this discussion is then broadened to how the participant impacts the larger organization.”

Leadership Engagement

Engaged Leaders empower Engaged Employees!

The Shipley Coaching Leadership Engagement is a combined format learning intervention.  The workshop and interactive learning portion of the program is a 2-day in person workshop with your team.  We cover what is why Engagement is important, what Engagement looks like, how to become more Engaged, and how to have Engagement conversations.  You will learn the Framework, Language, Process, and Practice of Engagement Conversations.

  • Discover the Four Lenses® to improve communication with others.
  • Understand the 4 Leadership Engagement Model (LEM) quadrants of motivation.
  • Learn how to intentionally use engaging language.
  • Develop effective methods of empathic listening and asking questions.
  • Participate in a 90-day learning intervention process.

90-day Coaching Process

Each Shipley Coaching course is bookended by Shipley’s 90-day Coaching program. The Coaching Program is built to integrate the knowledge gained and goals set during training into the behavior of the attendees.  Utilizing proven coaching tools, our professional and credentialed coaching cadre work one-on-one with attendees to:

  • Facilitate measurable behavior change
  • Focus to improving performance
  • Align newly learned skills to organizational and personal needs

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